When packages come and go,
label choice matters.


We're all on a mission to improve the circularity of plastic packaging. For us, it's not about reinventing the wheel, but rather finding solutions that fit into the current recycling infrastructure. 


In our next webinar, speakers Kyle Strenski from UPM Raflatac and Kara Pochiro from the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) discuss the impact of label choice on PET recyclability. They will also offer solutions preferred by today's recyclers.


This webinar presents:
–  APR's mission and role in recycling
–  the challenges facing PET recycling
–  impacts of different decoration technologies on PET recycling 
–  solutions preferred by today's recyclers


A more sustainable future begins through small changes that can make a big difference. Join us, so together we can help shape a more circular world.


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