Green Man Brewery's packaging transformation

Green Man Brewery, one of Asheville, NC's leading breweries, experimented with different packaging strategies, including wet cold glue application for small batches and off-site bottling, before gearing up for production in-house.

With all the media hoopla over craft beer, it's easy to forget that original adopters like Green Man Brewery had to chart their own path. Green Man Brewery didn't have the options available to brewery owners today, such as portable packing lines, mobile canning, transparent and ultra-thin film label stocks and digital printing.

Learn how using packaging from Prime Package and Label, Inc. and pressure sensitive labels from UPM Raflatac has enabled Green Man Brewery to:

  • Solve material challenges that were harming production efficiency

  • "Single source" its label materials, ensuring consistency across runs

  • Leverage UPM Raflatac's PP film for a high-quality branding palette

  • Support its transition from off-site bottling to on-site packaging

  • Plan for business growth up to 30,000 barrels each year

  • Test market demand with mini-batches of new flavors

Green Man Brewery and UPM Raflatac partner to find a solution for material challenges that were harming production efficiencies »

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